All of them are f*cking goddesses and I’m not saying that so and so is prettier but in this picture especially, my eyes go to Jun Jihyun and Kim Heesunㅋㅋ I understand why people are obsessed with her. Because she has the body on top of having this face..
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1. [+47, 0]
They are all pretty so I didn’t even know where Jun Jihyun was…
2. [+47, -1]
Lee Young Ae for me… Jun Jihyun is also super pretty but Lee Young Ae looks ilke some statue
3. [+28, -3]
As expected of Kim Taehee…
4. [+17, -1]
I only see Kim Taehee
5. [+10, -2]
I can’t see anyone but Lee Young Ae and Kim Taehee though…
6. [+9, -1]
When it comes to face, Kim Taehee is the prettiest and for aura, Lee Young Ae is unrivaled

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