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1. So the Little Mermaid is going to do R&B ..
2. Why do I actually enjoy this? The voices are good too
3. People wanted to relive the animation aesthetics, but this wasn’t what they expected, of course the backlash would be big
4. This is the only trailer that doesn’t really show the faces purposefully, it feels different from other Disney live actions
5. Please… Just say that she doesn’t suit the role and stop making other excuses to force your hate on thisㅠㅠ
6. Why do those sea turtles give me chills?ㅠ … The live action seems so so..
7. I can agree that the actress doesn’t suit this, but watching the trailer, I feel like there’s not a single element that goes well together, even the genre seems totally different. It’s so dark and gloomy and the fishes and crawfishes are singing and nagging, …
8. Of course you can dislike the casting of any movie, but if you say you dislike the casting of this movie, you’ll get hated onㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
9. Race aside, I pity that actress, just why is she getting so much hate? The animation is the animation, the movie is the movie, just watch it like that
10. I’m fine with the fact that a black woman is playing the Little Mermaid. Her voice is pretty too, but I don’t like the techniques they applied in this movie, so I can’t look forward to thisㅠㅠ I even liked the Beauty and the Beastㅠㅠ

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