Cara Delevigne is a popular golden spoon model from the UK.
She’s close with the Kardashians, and she’s also the one who gets mentioned the most by hot celebrities as being their best friends… Rihanna is known to barely have any celebrity friends, but she’s the only celebrity friend that Rihanna has.
She even appeared on Suicide Squad.
However, she’s estimated to be taking meth once a week by the paparazzi who took pictures of her and foreign communities are going crazy over thisㅠ…

Her movements are the typical things you’d see people who consumed meth would do
Cara experienced drug addiction due to depression when she was a teenager, and often talked about her difficult recovering in interviews
Everyone is sad to see that she seems to have fallen back into addiction
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1. The video is true… If you looked at her pictures in August, her legs are all bruised

2. Wow I’m so shocked..

3. Ah…….. Didn’t she suffer a lot because her mom was an addict when she was young too…ㅠㅠ
4. Hul so you become like that if you do cocaine, I was so shocked when I saw that video from the US
5. Nowadays, there are so many drugs related articles in Korea too, people seem to be losing their minds, there are so many reports on it. I wonder if someone reported her seeing her in that state?
6. She’s acting like a zombie… Why are they bending their waists like that?
7. People overseas don’t cancel you over drugs but rather feel sorry for you ??
8. If you’re going to do it, do it at home, why do it outside like that..
9. But coming out like that, doesn’t she put herself in an unsafe environment?
10. It’s just sad

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