“Last week, I attended the 7 o’clock service at Seobinggo Onnuri. And I saw Park Bogum.. On that familiar chair… *falls down*….
I’m so fascinated to see him come here during the [chuseok] holiday.
Anyways welcome to our church Bogum-ah
Please join us and keep coming for a long time ㅋㅋ”
It’s been longer than I thought that he changed churches, he was witnessed
After discharging in August, there were accounts of him going to different churches
– He’s going to a different church lately.. My friend saw him at the church and told me..
– Hul so he departed from Cornerstone church?
– I don’t know what happened to the Cornerstone…  People said that he appeared in Gangnam’s X Church~
– Is that the same computer as Sean?  ㅋㅋ People said they walked there together
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1. Wow he left!! What a relief
2. For real?????? Oh…. This is such a welcoming news
It was hard for me to fangirl on him ㅠㅠI love it
3. Oh this was his only bad side. Good that it’s resolved
4. What a relief
5. It’s a good thing that he escaped
6. Hul hul, now I can love him
7. He’s perfect now
8. What a relief, congrats on escaping the cult
9. His only bad point disappeared
10. He attended there even before army

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