Does this make sense? Her eyes, nose lips and her aura were already no joke as a baby…
How can she still look the same without any change?
She’s the standard of positive change..
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1. [+137, -20]
Looking at it, she looks the same as her mother… this is the strength of genes

2. [+115, -14]

She went to Cheongdam Middle School and her graduation picture also looks the same as nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ if you consider her hair and makeup change, she looks the same as now ㅋㅋ
3. [+105, -13]
Jennie is getting so much hate from flops’ stans nowadays.. They are busy covering of their flops’ past pictures… so pathetic
4. [+102, -106]
There’s so much editing here
5. [+79, -34]
“;ㅋ if we’re gonna talk about changes, this person is the top. People never hated on her for being unpretty but Jang Wonyoung is getting hated for being pretty both in the past and now”
6. [+47, -31]
She did her inner eye corner recently. She shouldn’t have done them

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