Not ENHYPEN Jungwon but Sunoo
Not TXT Huening Kai but Taehyun
Not AB6IX Lee Daewhi but Kim Donghyun
Not The Boyz Juyeon but Hyunjae
Not Stray Kids Seungmin but IM
Not NCT Jeno but Jaemin
Shinee Key
Golden Child Lee Changjun
VeriVery Kangmin
I feel like they’ll pick one of them
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1. [+116, -1]

None of them will be picked. I feel like KBS will pick a rookie actor who’s playing in one of their dramas
2. [+111, -18]
Sullyoon will be freaking pretty as the new MC. Let’s go with 2 female MCs
3. [+44, -56]
To be honest, Im Young Woong-sshi… I feel like he’ll match it well. Someone suggested Im Young Woong before to get the views of people in their 40s-50s as a joke but I honestly think that he’ll be fine??? They have a big age gap so it’s not like they will be meshed together… and the fans won’t fight  between one another… their height difference would be good too
4. [+26, -53]
Huening Kai and Wonyoung’ combination was good and since Wonyoung is tall and has good proportions, it will be good to have Huening Kai who’s also tall

5. [+23, -1]

IF they pick the ’04 line Jang Wonyoung, Sullyoon and Minji as MC, the buzz will be huge

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