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1. [+119, -2]
I like the fact that they’re back to NCT127’s style
2. [+100, -0]
The beat was freaking good
3. [+90, -0]
Every time they release something new, people always start glorifying their old songs but at the time those were released, the responses were bad to… Their songs are meant to be hit or misses and their MVs are nice too. If you look at the reactions on the entertainment side, they all say that it sounds fine. 127 songs are hit or miss and it’s fine
4. [+88, -6]
The timing just sucks for them. If only Sticker was well-received by the fans, 2 Baddies would’ve got a better response from the fans too. But since Sticker’s responses were bad, people are saying stuff like ‘they need a song that can at least surpass Kick It’. The song was actually really good personally, this enters in NCT 127’s top 5 songs, but what they need isn’t a song that makes it to the top5 but top1 with the timing they had this time. But they didn’t deliver
5. [+80, -20]
The members gave us too much expectation
6. [+59, -1]
It was f*cking my style

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