“Rose “Jennie are you hurt somewhere?””
“Rose, worrying about Jennie”
“BlackPink ‘Rose who is worried for Jennie'”
Jennie was crying at the airport today while leaving the country, looks like something strong happened
She 100% got dumped by V
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Wow are the commenters here mentally disturbed…? I’m shocked to see so many of those comments being upvoted here
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In the past, when she got dumped by Kai, she cried all night and was so puffy was she came out

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When Jennie got dumped by Kai in the past, she was kneeling down and begging Kai in front of his house, looks like she got dumped this time too…. She threw GD away by transfering to V but now she actually got dumped
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Yeah Jennie seems perfectly fine

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The boomerang hit her back

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