Seriously, the members are pretty wearing their own outfits and holding a Givenchy bag… Winter looks the prettiest with the simplest outfit

I feel like they have better outfits that suit Aespa and gives them a better synergy but why are they always dressing them like this….
Please dress them prettily for fashion week…
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1. But it looks pretty in an unique Givenchy-way
2. I think it’s fine?
3. They look fine….
4. Wow I’m so fascinated by people finding this ok. All 4 of them have bad outfits…
Me too.. why are they making pretty kids wear those…
5. You really find this fine?…
6. Where does this look “fine”?
7. You guys think they look fine??? Aside from the two on the right… the left side are not it
> They only look good because they are Ning Ning and Karina but the outfits are seriously horrible
8. I somehow feel like they look fine considering it’s a luxury brand….ㅜ
9. Karina is seriousylㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she’s only able to pull it off because she’s Karina
10. The clothes are horrible but they look fine because of Aespa’s bodies