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1. They’re bot good dancers but the dance itself sucks… I hope they made a dance that was more trendy
2. Who’s the one with the white outfit? She’s too good
3. Wow the one on the left is….So good
4. Yeji is crazy… She’s so good at controlling her movements
5. Wow this was crazy, ITZY fits this kind of songs
6. Both unnies did f*cking jjang. Anyone can tell they were good, people who are claiming this was bad can f*ck off
7. This dance really suits ITZY, I keep replaying it. Both their styles are different but they suit each other, they’re insane
8. Seems like nobody can pull off the first part ㅠㅠ
9. Ryujin is seriously so dope
10. Both are freaking cool, it looks like their bodies are vibing to the musicㅋㅋ

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