Personally, he was legendary at the showcase today
And the pictures taken today with his suit on
And these were the journalist pictures
On live yesterday
In the MV
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Why am I the only one getting old
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Seriously handsome;;
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The reactions to the MV were good. He was indeed f*cking handsome
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There was an LED display saying “the fans will buy you a Porsche Jaehyun-ah” and he remembered it so when he was doing his ment, he talked about it but he said that he only needs the NCTzens and made a witty ment. The people around me were going crazy
“Jaehyunie was looking for the (banner) from the person who would buy him a Porsche and said that he was fine as long as he had NCTzens”
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All of the pictures released today were legendary
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It was hell in the standing area and he jumped in thinking that the fans would fall