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1. [+65, -8]
Why are people saying that they were trying to make it obvious when nobody knew before the pictures were leaked?ㅋㅋ None of you guys knew before the leaked pictures no?..
2. [+53, -6]
But rather than purposely making it obvious, when people are dating, don’t they just naturally buy things together like clothes, objects, hats or whatnot? Rather than saying that they were making it obvious, you’re telling me that they can’t even buy things together?…ㅋㅋ
3. [+23, -4]
To be honest, these two have never made it obvious. It’s because their pictures got leaked that so many things are going out
4. [+22, -5]
But aside from this hat, there was nothing else
5. [+9, 0]
Cut it down already. Have you guys never dated in your life?? You guys are getting a reality check because you found couple items? You guys look like kids who’ve only fangirled in their lives without doing anything else
[enter-talk] V’S DATING NEWS IS #1…….

“V on Jennie’s bed?… “the waters are getting higher” seeing the scandalous pictures”

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1. [+92, -7]
Anyways, it’s still a #1… so congrats ARMYs
2. [+73, -1]
V has always said how his dream was to become a good father so I’m not even shocked… be happy
3. [+64, -15]
No but I really feel like these two will get married;;; Were there any other idol couple who’s had articles like these ones?
4. [+40, -10]
But they said that this bed is super expensive… Jennie even sleeps on luxury beds and that’s her class….
5. [+35, -10]
ㅋㅋ at this point, what are the other members turning ito?ㅠㅠ to be honest, the are a group…
6. [+14, -2]
The ARMYs are streaming hard workingly today too so that they can collect money for V-Jennie’s date~~

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