Thumbnail: Have you ever been to a hotel with a man?

Title: Le Sserafim members who received a nonsense question from a Japanese MC right now
“On that day, the MC asked to Sakura and Kazuha”
“How much is the rate of one day in a luxury hotel?”
“The 2 members said they didn’t kow and were flustered”
“The MC then said “Didn’t you try going there with your boyfriends?””
“And “Why are you pretending like you don’t know? and mocked them while harrassing them”
Is that MC insane?? If they were in our country, they’d already been buried alive and wouldn’t be able to come back on TV
Why are Japanese programs like that?
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Anyways, they’re both Japanese
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It’s not like our country’s members heard this, people from that country all do stuff like that to each other… There’s no need for our country to know what is happening in their country
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That man is talking to them more like they were AKB members than Korean idols
4. [+63, -1]
Japan damn has low women rights
5. [+52, -1]
Are they not swearing at them when they talk like that over there..? Whether you’re a man or a woman, people nobody would be able to talk like that because of the backlash they’d get online
6. [+23, -2]
Sakura went on a date with her company’s CEO on Christmas Eve and was caught doing it, it was a popular scandal