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1. I just watched and and was so dumdfounded, what is this….
2. The first half was unexpected and well-made but it went to drain ever since they met Novak
3. What’s wrong with everyone…? I watched everything up until yesterday but should I just not watch the last episode?
4. Ah I just watched it now and it was seriously severe… Did they change writers or something??
5. I wanted to wait for all the episodes to come out before watching it
6. So they won’t do S2?
7. Wow I just watching this and it’s true that it just felt flat. It just had no ending
8. Ha… even so, Jongsuk worked hard. It was worth watching for Lee Jongsukㅠㅠ f*ck
9. I’m f*cking pissed off. Just what are they doing with everything that piled up to this moment?
10. The ending felt too empty

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