I am currently in uni, my major is related to IT and engineering. In my country finding a job with my major is very easy, and the pay is pretty high, and that is why I chose it.

The problem is, objectively speaking this major is difficult and few people get to graduate. So far, I am doing fairly well, but I had to put so much effort and most of my time into studying something which is not my passion, and that has led me to question my decision. I wonder will I be able to keep studying and spending so much of my time on something that I am not so interested in?

My hobbies are reading books, listening to music and watching movies, and after high school I realized I am not overly interested in any career path so, as I was A student, I chose one that could get me high paying job.

I used to write stories and poems and wanted to become a writer, but I shifted towards more ‘realistic’ career. I love acting and used to be in school acting club, and I always liked the idea of being famous actress or singer, but I wanted some safe option for my uni major, because acting industry in my country isn’t really developed and is filled with nepotism.

Right now, I wonder if I will regret choosing my major this way. I also felt bad because aside from my dreams of becoming celebrity or writer my only dream is traveling the world and having a lot of money, and I thought my major will give me that, but now I wonder if doing job I don’t like that much is worth it, and will I even have time for anything else when I will work most of the time.

Any advice is welcomed