of them together looks a bit incoherent because Lily’s presence is too strongㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you removed Lily, they look way better

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1. [+70, -12]
Lily honestly doesn’t fit with the group, her face and her voice… She’s freaking good at singing so she should’ve been solo instead
2. [+50, -6]
The way you’re saying “If only Lily was out” leaves a bad taste;;
3. [+33, -2]
But they already debuted, if Lily or her fans saw this kind of posts, they’d get so hurt
4. [+30, -10]
I bet your parents also think like that when they look at you
5. [+20, -2]
If Lily wasn’t there, they would suck at singing you r*tard
6. [+10, -0]
OP’s gang probably treat OP this way so she’s projecting. Ah but if you took the time to write those posts means you probably don’t have friends