If you could go back 8-10 years ago, and ask me where my biases would be, I’d tell you on top of the world winning Grammys, hosting important award shows around the world, selling cook books, having successful record labels and any other nonsense that can symbolize self-actualization. However, most of them fell off due to various factors that at the end of the day no one could have predicted or prevented. Many of them suffered strange scandals or push back from their own companies or the industry that stunted their careers or work or both.
A good example is one of my all time faves, Park Bom. After her scandal, she disappeared then joined that company. At first, they seemed serious about her career, but overtime it has become obvious that they don’t care. They even limit her interactions with fans ( remember her manager who commanded her, a grown 30+ woman, to turn off a insta-live). I know the GP probably doesn’t want her on TV, but why stifle her on social media? It’s all she’s got to freely promote and communicate with us. Her most previous comebacks just keep going down in quality while we get radio silence from the company and her. Idk how she feels about it, but if they had been consistent since “Spring” she’d be so a very visible top tier soloist by now, even with the eerie silence. I always thought that 2ne1 would break into the west, but even them having stable careers in Korea has been something hard for them to achieve. Never in my life did I ever imagine this at all. Although, this post isn’t about them alone.
Some of other biases are slowing down too. In some cases some have stable careers, but don’t deliver products as good as their previous ones. Like they’ll release sub par comeback after comeback. I know that is subjective, but you can tell the effort is so low. They have the funds, the talent and the fans, but all for what???? This goes for successful groups who have survived fairly well, but are clearly being phased out by their companies. While others have the talent, but no one to support them so they give up.
All it has shown me is that the true magical ingredient here are their selfish (not always) k-pop companies and their producers and camera magic. Many idols struggle without them. It’s weird because I’ve supported smaller acts that could easily do better. Companies control an idol’s career to the point that it’s hard for them to stay at the top without them. Sometimes, it’s best for them to leave, but they struggle so much afterwards. In a way I feel helpless about it. I really want to support them, but can’t as I am slowly forced to lose interest.
All I can say to people who support idols who currently peaking right now is enjoy every single second of it as it may not always be so  smooth.
TL;DR most of the idols I used to follow ended up being boarder line washed up celebrities and struggle to put out anything of quality or gain recognition for their once adored talents. It has been painful watching them slowdown/ disappear one by one as I lose interest/hope in them.

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