He also attended the YSL Libre event as an ambassador at the beginning of September
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1. [+34, -3]
The lipstick pictorial is out

“Kai just looks like the lipstick itself”

2. [+21, -2]
His face and unique aura is killing this
3. [+19, -3]
Wow I can’t see anything else than Kai’s face
4. [+12, -1]
Interesting. When he shoots for Gucci, he has the Gucci vibes, when he shoots for YSL, he looks lke YSL, when he shoots for Black Yak, he looks like Black Yak and for Olive Young, he looks like Olive Younf. Kai’s face is pretty sharp and his image is pretty distinct so I didn’t think he’d pull off different images but… he pulls them all off
5. [+12, 0]
He’s quietly strong