I became a fan of NMIXX because of their mix pop style but I don’t think that NMIXX will be able to attend big festivals like the one at Yonsei University ㅠㅠ I also like NMIXX but their genre is the genre that maniac-bugs (T/N: otaku, people who are into niche stuffs) would like. People say that you’ll get hooked to their songs if you listen to them 5 imes but the people attending big-scaled events usually just listen to the songs that are charting and will never listen to a song 5 times on repeat. Also, their dances are too difficult so it’s hard for them to enjoy themselves with the audience while breathing. They need easy parts that people can follow along in order to sing them with the public but their performances are way too difficult and there’s no killing point that the public can do together with them. It’s a shame because their songs are definitely liked by people into niche music so even if they have physical sales, their songs will only be enjoyed within their niche..
It’s seriously annoying because even if they wanted to change their worldview, they are stuck with their NMIXX name so they can’t really change their style.
Even so, they really need a good song next. There are no parts you can sing along in their current songs so even if they attended big events, they will just kill the vibe… I’m writing this after getting a reality check after seeing the AKARAKA lineupㅠㅠ
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The female NCT..
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I think that you have a very narrow-minded prejudice;; their songs are good enough and there are already a lot of singers who hit big with the mix pop styleㅇㅇ
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But if they perform live, it’s another story. The kids are so good at singing and dancing and their song called ‘Cool’ is f*cking good. It’s because the kids are “mixed pop” that their responses are low
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Are you writing comments by yourself?
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If you see their live skills and dancing in real life, it will be totally different
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Wow but both groups’ names start with “N”ㅋㅋ NMIXX and NCT.. The representatives of music that is hard to pull off

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