There’s no news about her anymore and after Alchemy of Souls, she just disappeared in a whim

Looks like her buzz she gained from MCing on Mubank was all carried by Soobin
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I feel like Oh My Girl overall lost their media buzz factor, the company sucks at taking care of them
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Even Alchemy of Souls barely had any buzz for her and she’s been shooting it for such a long time. Usually when you shoot a drama for a long time you should also be taking care of other promotions, but for Arin’s case, she didn’t have anything else so she’s been shooting her drama for an enire year. You can claim that Oh My Girl overall has no buzz factor, but Hyojung, Seunghee and Yubin are always appearing on variety shows and Mimi did so well in her own variety shows this year. YooA doesn’t have any individual promotions but she keeps getting CFs. The other members are all doing just fine, but she was stuck shooting for Alchemy of Souls for way too long
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MuBank didn’t have more views because Arin was the MC. It’s because both of them were MCs and their face combo was good and they had good chemistry, that’s why they were daebak..ㅋㅋㅋ At that time, Soobin was the hot shot and he was a rookie male idol from a big company + Oh My Girl just hit daebak, so the timing was just right. But aside from her time at Mubank, Arin has always been one of members with the least individual promotions? Akong was the only thing that was f*cking hot
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She spent an entire year filming Alchemy of Souls and it was barely popular -> To make matters worse she only took a small role in her drama -> Her acting skills are nothing impressive so she didn’t -> The other promotions she had was with the group. She lacks variety skills so it’s always the unnie who have more gigs than her -> Her promotions -> Her individual promotions and group promotions only came because the group hit daebak, but in the end, Oh My Girl’s comeback and Arin’s drama’s buzz were alllow so: for Arin to go for the long-run with her career, she needs either Oh My Girl to pull good results or she needs their next work to do well or for her acting to gain attention. She was so popular when she was MCing for Mubank, but it was all thanks to her partner
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I find Arin so likable from the fact that she donates a lot, but whether it’s her singing skills, acting skills or MC skills, Arin should really start practicing more if she wants to go for the long-run. She’s been filming her drama for so long, but if she wants to do well on her OSTs, radio, variety shows, etc. she needs to cultivate her skills in the first place and get more buzz. Otherwise, she really needs a discerning eye when picking her works.. Honestly, even if Akong succeeded, it wasn’t because of her own skills, it was thanks to the male MC and their chemistry