They were the only boy group that was invited to university festivals

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There’s nobody aside from Winner to invite among the popular groups… Bangtan are too expensive, Seventeen are not that popular… NCT’s public friendliness and recognition are so bad…
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But isn’t it true that aside from Winner, there’s nobody that can go? Aside from Zico because he’s a solo, even before Covid, there was only iKON and Seventeen, but if you look at this year’s universities festivals during the first half and the later half of the year, nobody went aside from Winner
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Actually, they’re the ones who can make the crowd chant, raise the atmosphere, there’s Song Mino and Kang Seungyoon’s name value, and they’re able to pull encores. There’s a reason they’ve been the top tier for so many years. I saw them at Sungkyungkwan University
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Winner aren’t only participating to an event per year or per 2 years, they attend at least 10 events per year
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It’s true aside from Zico
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You should acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged. Winner are legends when it comes to festivals