Lyrics: Han (3RACHA)
Composition: Han (3RACHA), Bang Chan (3RACHA)
Arrangement: VERSACHOI, Bang Chan (3RACHA)
2022.10.07 FRI 1PM (KST) | 0AM (EST)
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1. I love Han Ddisung so much…….
2. The video is so well filmed
3. Felix’s face is seriously awesome
3. I love Han’s emotionality so muc ㅠㅠ the quality of the video is crazy… please promise me to release the full MV ㅠㅠㅠ
4. Jisungie’s songs are always good… also, I freaking like Yongbokie in gogglesㅠ
5. The guy in the thumbnail is f*cking handsome
6. Han Jigung is so good at writing songs. I want to listen to the song faster
7. Hyunjin’s face is working hard today too. He’s freaking handsome. Leeknow is freaking handsome too. It’s a side song but what’s up with the quality? Han and Bang Chan together make songs with such good feel. I’m looking forward to it♡
8. The video came out so good…
9. It’s freaking good?
10. It’s a side track? It’s so good

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