These are their accumulated streams ranked
Bangtan are in the celestial world so if you remove them, Stray Kids are the only other male idols
Seems like Stray Kids really blew up overseas
Freaking awesome
1. IVE
2. Blackpnik
3. I-dle
4. Kep1er
5. Bangtan
6. Le Sserafim
7. GOT The Beat
9. Stray Kids
10. Red Velvet
Personally, I found Kep1er, NMIXX and Stray Kids unexpected
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1. [+57, -3]
Kids, it’s written in OP’s post too, that they blew up overseas so why are you guys still bringing up Melon? they ranked #1 on Billboard200 and have over 10M subscribers on YT so it’s true that their popularity blew up.. Of course they blew up overseas
2. [+42, -2]
Maniac is doing really well overseas
3. [+39, -6]
I’m a fan of TXT but I acknowledge this. I was shocked when I saw their YT views without promotional ads this time
4. [+36, -2]
If you consider their overseas success, the rookie female idols are ranked #1, 4, 6 and 8ㄷㄷ it’s just like the candidates for the rookie award
5. [+34, -3]
It’s important to do well overseas too. The rookie girl groups are really starting a new generation so they are cool
6. [+17, 0]
But to be honest, when it comes to male idols, aside from Bangtan, who else have over 10M subscribers? Korean popularity or overseas popularity aside, it’s true that Stray Kids are popularㅋㅋㅋ

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