His usual stage makeup
He looks good in both but I find Jaehyun seriously handsome with light makeup.. why is that?… maybe it’s my own taste.
What about you guys?
If you find him handsomer with lighter makeup, vote up
If you find him handsomer with stage makeup, vote down
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1. [+26, 0]
Wow nobody is denying this so there is 0 downvoteㅋㅋㅋㅋ seems like everyone thinks he looks better off-stageㅋㅋ I bet that everyone thinks the same. Jaehyun has that model student look so I can understand why SM gives him strong smokey eye makeup so he can match the concept but his eye shape is naturally f*cking goodㅠㅠ The person doing Jaehyun’s makeup said that his under eye and cheeks are glowing in pink;; I remember them praising him… the lighter the makeup, the more you get to see his f*cking charms
2. [+18, 0]
His bare face looks way better. For real, you can tell just by looking at his Insta live….
3. [+15, 0]
He’s honestly handsome in both
4. [+13, -1]
I’ve never been into NCT and I left K-pop but I wish that Jaehyun could film a drama. I want to keep on looking at his face… for real
5. [+12, 0]
There was 0 downvoteㅋㅋㅋ Seems like Pann-girls have their definite taste

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