WY: I think I wore that when I was recording

WY: You bought this??

Wonyoung said that what LeeSeo was wearing was what she wore when she was recording, because the clothes looked similar, she asked her if LeeSeo bought it herself
LS: This is Rei’s clothes thoughㅎㅎ
*Confirming the tag*
Then she asked Yujin to check her tag
YJ: It’s notㅎㅎㅎ
They confirmed that the brand wasn’t the one
so Jang Wonyoung said “Ah so it’s not” and it ended there
What do you think?? Something like that could hurt the other party’s feelings so it was rude VS It’s not
Rude – vote up
Not rude – vote down
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1. [+296, -54]
Screw off you Sojang b*tch
2. [+294, -40]
They live in the same dorm so it’s possible that they wash their clothes together and it gets mixed up. They can mix up LeeSeo’s clothes with Wonyoung and Wonyoung’s clothes with LeeSeo’s, that’s why they were confirming no? And if you keep fabricating stuff like that you’ll get sued ㅜㅜ
(Starship lawsuit notice for IVE)
3. [+280, -57]
They’re f*cking close to each other, what’s the reason for taking screenshots like that and uploading it? This is what Sojang posted, what controversy?.. Are you that Sojang hag?
4. [+279, -117]
It’s a bit so so that she still insisted on checking the tag even though LeeSeo said it wasn’t. She could’ve been a bit sad
5. [+259, -34]
Don’t feed the controversy that female celebrities galleries try to spread

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