She’s always slowching sideways in their group pictures
When she’s standing straight in their group pictures, there’s too much height difference so it seems like she’s trying to match up to the other members
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If you look at the pcitures with the members with their heels, Rose is still taller. When you look at Rose’s solo pictorials, she looks like a real model so she pulls the pictorials off. She’s seriously so good at doing photoshoots
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That’s what I thought too. The height difference is bigger than I thought
3. [+26, -2]
She’s frail and feminine so I didn’t thought that she’d be this tall but she’s 169 wow
4. [+16, -6]
Jennie is freaking short. I bet that she’s not even 160
5. [+13, -5]
Height difference aside, Jennie’s legs look so short when she’s standing right next to Rose
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Wow Lisa’s face is small and her arms and legs are so long so I thought that she was super tall. So cute
7. [+7, -1]
No but on their official profiles, Jennie is 163 and Jisoo is 162 but if looking at this picture, anyone can tell that Jennie’s heels are higher than Jisoo’s.