I wrote this because I thought there was a lot of ridicule at the time and the trauma that Yoon Jisung received was bigger than I imagined
I’m not trying to expose the hate commentors
I hope that the kids who read this post would stop ridiculing and tormenting celebrities with negative posts
But I bet that these f*ckers won’t read posts like theseㅎ
Also, these people know that they have influence so it’s just f*cked upㅎ
“Then, what was the most difficult thing that happened to me?”
“Ever since the audition program,”
“Until Wanna One disbanded to now”
“I’ve been a target of torment”
The subtitles said “target of torment” but Yoon Jisung actually called it the “the butt of jokes”
“During the audition program, we were filming this popularity test”
“After greeting the fans happily, the filming ended”
They had to film a popularity evaluation during the 3rd round of the survival show and a lot of people came on set and he said that he even greeted them
“Yoon Jisung XX (T/N: curse word)”
“Yoon Jisungㅋㅋ this XX doesn’t even know that people hate him and gave us a handshake thinking that we liked him”
(Jisung who was shocked by the posts full of criticism)
Just what is wrong with all these f*ckers? For them to feel a sense of superiority over him in an even tlike this is seriously so low
“I debuted as someone who was considered old (27 at that time)”
“And it’s not like I had excellent singing abilities either”
“My face isn’t that handsome either”
He got mocked because of reasons like these
Who cares if he’s 27… Jisung-sshi’s voice color is good so what is this BS?…. Jisung-sshi is cute and handsome
(The public who gave him cruel criticism based on their own standards)
(Article titles: – ‘Wanna One debut member, #8 Yoon Jisung
– Wanna One’s miracle Yoon Jisung, life starts at 27
– ‘Produce 2’ Yoon Jisung secures a place in the 11 members of Wanna One at #8
– Wanna One’s 11 members, reversal + extraordinary main character Yoon Jisung)
*(Yoon Jisung) debuts in Wanna One after digging through the criticism*
(Posts hating on Yoon Jisung:
First post: To: WANNA ONE TF, the record production team
Title: Request to minimize the proportion of performances and song parts of WANNA ONE leader Yoon Jisung
1. Request to minimize the proportion of Yoon Jisung’s performance and song parts for Wanna One’s remaining activities
2. Request to correct the stage performance and give feedback on the controversy over Yoon Jisung’s memorization of the choreography
Second post: I’m not speaking up because a 27 y.o said that he’s going to do everything he wants but I’m speaking up because he said he’s becoming an idol despite being 27
Third post: I wish that Yoon Jisung would voluntarily leave the group
Fourth post: A XX idol who doesn’t have the minimum courtesy of age
Fifth post: Yoon Jisung, clarify being the PD’s pick)
“It was indeed difficult…”
He must’ve been going crazy just by reading one of those posts but just how many were there.. there were so many kids who enjoyed tormenting him and bragging about it… these hopeless f*ckers
“I went to my CEO”
“And even pleaded him to remove me from Wanna One”
“I pleaded him while crying”
Even though he appeared on the program because of his desperation and debuted, it ended up like this
“Even in the moments I wanted to give up, I couldn’t make it obvious”
“I didn’t want to show myself being swayed and falling down by words that tormented me and ridiculed me”
original post: here
1. Jisung was a cool and good leader to us! I’ll always support you!
2. Every community site was definitely hating on Jisung. He was hated on so intensely that I was wishing that he wouldn’t see any of it but, ha… this breaks my heart ㅜ I hope he only sees pretty things and is happy. He didn’t deserve this
3. Nowadays, people would still get hate if they appeared on a program with him… last time, he appeared on broadcast saying how he wasn’t paid properly and that he was actually in a deficit so he wanted to go on broadcast again, but from the people’s comments, I felt like I was back at reading his hate comments during his Wanna One days. I hope that he doesn’t experience the things he did before and that we only get good news from him
4. The hate towards him were above and beyond one could imagine. Seriously, I was a fan of another member but I still felt sorry for himㅠㅠㅠㅠ Even on TheQoo, if you took his side, you would get attacked. F*ck, I really hope that he’s happy. He was the best leader to me
5. To be honest, it’s true that his skills were lacking but it’s a fact that he received way more hate than what was warranted
6. But aside from him, don’t other idols also get way too much hate nowadays just for having lacking skills? I feel like anyone being the receiving end will get hurt
7. Our Jisungie worked so hard and did so well. I’ve always been thankful.. I’ll always support our leaderㅠㅠ He was the first and the last leader in my heart…❤
8. He got so much hate before when he was in a group but if they went on a broadcast together, he would still get hate from people telling him to do his things alone. Twitter are still mocking him like that. Do they know any shame?
9. Even as someone who didn’t care about him at all, I knew just how severe the hate towards him was. It was the same on TheQoo too
10. Jisung-sshi will always be my one pick