She said in the past that her thyroid was bad. I searched it up and if you have a bad thyroid, it doesn’t depend on how much you eat, you’ll still gain weight

Not only this, but when Liz appeared on Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant during her debut days, she said something like ‘I’m able to eat spicy food!’ but recently when she appeared on ‘The Manager’, she said she’s unable to eat spicy food. I think that when her thyroid is especially bad so she’s unable to eat spicy food. I’m wondering if Liz’s healthy is okay..
If she’s find, it’s a relief, but if she’s really sick, people are swearing about her weight for what… It’s seriously not it
“I eat spicy food well”
*Wonyoung and Liz who are unable to eat spicy food will be given something else*
Liz fighting ❤️
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I can agree that there might be an issue with her thyroid… But are all those comments fabricated?;; hypothyroidism causes weight gain and hyperthyroidism causes weight loss, but the comments are written the other way around;; How can you get them mixed up?
“I have hypothyroidism and lost 20 kg, and when my thyroid got a bit better, I had hyperthyroidism and ate medication for it for about 6 monthsㅠㅠ I’m still eating medecine and getting check ups, it take a long time to heal”
“I caught hyperthyroidism and gained 10-20kg, even without my hormone issues, it’s still so intense”
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If you kidney is bad, you can’t eat spicy either and only your face gains weight..
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Hul the fact that she’s suddenly unable to eat spicy food must be true..
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I have hyperthiroidism so I know, I’m eating medication to control it and I’ve gained 10kg
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We’re not curiousㅋㅋ