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1. I’m curious about the stage. I think they put a lot of care into the performance
2. Then what was the trailer for? It looked like a movie and I had such high expectations but none of the scenes were in the MV
3. But the song is good
4. The song is good but the MV is way too boring. I had such high expectations from the trailers
5. The song is good. The trailer looked like a horror movie but the MV is so boring. Even so, the song is good
6. The song is so good (ू˃o˂ू)✧
7. No but the trailers were so well made but the MV sucksㅠ… why’s that?
8. Seems like I was expecting way too much
9. It’s a shame because they could’ve made an MV with a story in it… but I can really see how charming and talented Seulgi is from the solo
10. The teasers were so crazy so that’s why the reactions are like this. The song is still good and Seulgi is a good performer. But seems like nothing from the teasers is here. The teasers were freaking crazy

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