“Happiness is an attitude.”
“No matter how you look, friendliness will make you into the most beautiful person in the world”
“- Crush who has to pay more taxesㅋㅋㅋㅋ
– With Joy-sunbaenim….
– People say that he has to pay more taxes
– Since he’s dating Joy-sunbaenim”
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I think that no lip slip video can win over this legendary one
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Of course Joy wouldn’t feel good about this… a hoobae is mentioning her boyfriend like this and making tax jokesㄷㄷ If I were her, I’d be pissed
3. [+552, -13]
Even if he’s taking a jab at her, there’s nothing to say… just how dumbfounded were Crush and Joy?
4. [+487, -16]
Which idol is crazy enough to mention a sunbae frm another company?.. It’s true that it was tactless and the i-roaches are all swearing at Crush now so I think that he’s really taking a jab at her. He kept posting Rush Hour’s videos all week long so just why would he randomly post this?

“Please go look at the mirror and smile. You will start to feel a big change in your life if you start doing this every morning. – Yoko Ono”

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Just looking at the quote tweets, you’ll see that ITZY’s i-roaches don’t think that Ryujin did anything wrong and they are flooding with 2ndary attacks on Crush right nowㅇㅇ This issue is getting bigger so should Ryujin post an apology?

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