They were chosen as the new models!
The pictures below are for the 22 F/W collection
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1. Isn’t Rose also doing O!OI?
2. Rose’s image with Saint-Laurent and Tiffany&Co. is too strong while O!OI felt like a kid brand? Their teen image is strong so… I’m not saying that she didn’t match but… It was more like a “huh?” feeling. But NewJeans seem to fit the brand and are cuteㅋㅋ
3. Wow they are seriously so good at picking models
4. What’s up with Danielle?… She’s way too pretty
5. I feel like this brand sells well with kids so they really fit the image well
6. Wow they match O!OI’s image perfectly, wow That Hyein friend looks so much like a modelㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. Wow they fit this like a glove
8. Danielle seriously looks so good in pictorials. I think that she’s good at using her expressions and looks good with different makeup too. Haerin’s wide eyes are seriously too cute ㅋㅋ
9. Danielle freaking suits this
10. Hyein is freaking hip

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