She’s indeed pretty but I feel like what she likes and what suits her are complete opposites
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No but whatever style she seeks for should be her own decision but why does she always seek those clothes that reveals her sternum? Even last time, she didn’t suit her Dior outfit at all and the reactions were all messy. And now she’s wearing this kind of outfit again
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Can people stop telling idols to do whatever they want
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This kind of styling is way prettier, what a shame..

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Me too I get f*cking stressed because I know what I like and what suits me are a complete mismatch. I like those feminine and cute outfits? But I freaking don’t suit them
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She’s into styles that don’t bring out her best features so it’s a shame…
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How to put this… She seems to want us to think she’s has a ”reversal body” or a ”hot girl once you get to know her” so she dresses like that. But she has the body of those professional swimmers and her waist is shaped like a tree trunk, so this isn’t bringing out any of her good features, instead she looks stubby…