I seriously have the exact same face shape as her back then
But how did she change it??
Is it because she lost weight?? Please tell me ㅠ
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1. [+37, -7]
She must’ve gotten a f*cking lot of facial massages and got botox and fillers to fill the hollow parts
2. [+33, -3]
But even when you compare her face with the Produce days, she looks totally different. Her cheekbones almost completely disappeared… is that also possible with facial massages?? Impressive
3. [+28, -13]
It’s hard to see that big of a change through facial massages alone.. if you could achieve so much, nobody would do surgeryㅠ It’s true that she did surgery
4. [+26, -1]
The difference is solid. You can’t achieve that much through facial massages. The hollowed parts were filled with fillers and her face has gotten way less wide
5. [+26, -2]
But I personally think that she definitely got facial massages but back then, she also had that gyopo makeup…? I think that the angular shading on her cheeks accentuated them even more
6. [+15, 0]
For big-boned people, they can undergo 100 days of facial massage and still wouldn’t see this much change. They need to get face contouring surgery

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