Honestly, isn’t she a scam?

When she was 3 y’o, she learned ballet
From 2015 until 2019, every year, she participated in popular Japanese ballet concours and even received awards
2015 – 6th place in women’s junior in the national competition in Hirakata
2018 – 1st place in the Kobe National Competition for Women Junior
Short-term training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Russia and Royal Ballet School in England
2018-2019 – Ballet performances in Finland, Ireland, Poland and other parts of Europe
2020 – Studying at the National Ballet Academy in the Netherlands for about two to three years from the first year of high school
2021 August 6th, the last ballet performance in Japan
She learned professional ballet for a total of 15 years..
She knows Korean, Japanese and English
In November 2021, she passed Hybe’s audition and trained for 2 months from Netherlands by video call
In January 2022, she arrived in Korea and started her full-scale training for not even 4 motnhs
Her training period was about 6 months and she debuted. Her Korean is good to a certain extent…
If I were her, I wonder if I’d be able to do all this if I’m already speaking Japanese and English and going to boarding school. She’s so impressive
Her face is pretty but she’s also talented
She’s such a scamㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m too jealousㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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1. [+22, -3]
Kazuha is so rpretty, what’s impressive is that in Japan, they gravitate towards people like Kim Chaewon, meanwhile, in Korea, we gravitate towards people like Kazuha
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She’s a 03’er, I’m freaing shocked… She’s almost 20 y’o but she already has such a great career…
3. [+16, -1]
Isn’t she f*cking slender being 170..?

4. [+14, -19]

If you’re going to media play at least do it more subtely? Ugh..
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People who did ballet in the past usually have lots of muscles down to their feet to support her weight… Le Sserafim all look muscular and healthy, they’re so cool