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1. Wow I’m so impressed by Kazuha, she hasn’t even danced to idol dances for that long, but she’s so good
2. They did well, Kazuha is freaking pretty
3. Wow everyone’s abs are so cool
4. No but f*ck give us Kim Chaewon’s fancam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s crazy good
5. Kim Chaewon is such a freaking good dancer
6. The outfits are crazy, and the fact that we see their abs peep through them is even more daebak. Everyone must be working out so hard
7. Please give us Kim Chaewon’s fancam. Everytime this girl dances to male idols’ dances, it’s another legendㅠㅠㅠ It’s too goodㅠㅠ She was never bad, but how can she pull them off everytime? She’s the best
8. The stage was f*cking good
9. Everytime I look at Le Sserafim’sstages lately, I realize how freaking good and cool they are
10. Can’t they give us Growl too ㅠㅠ

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