The group in question is called “Equal Love (=Love)”
They filmed their new MV in Korea
And their hair and makeup were done by Bit&Botㅇㅇ
The MV screencaps look like Korean idols and the pictures below them are them with their usual Japanese idol styling
Noguchi Iori
Takiwaki Shoko
Outani Emari
Morohashi Sana
Saito Kiara
Saito Nagisa
Sasaki Maika
Ouba Hana
Otoshima Risa
Yamamoto Anna
Takamatsu Hitomi
Personally, the difference was smaller than I thought… there are also members who fit their original styling more
A few of them do look like K-dolsㅋㅋㅋ
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1. I think they look better originally..?
2. They look better before thought..?
3. All of them look better with the Japanese styling
4. Aside from 1-2 of them, they all looked better before…
5. They look pretty in both though?!
6. I’m shocked that the Japanese styling looked better
7. Usually, girls who have always been good at managing themselves would look pretty no matter what. They are just good at being styled
8. Japanese people do look better with Japanese styling
9. Why come to Korea to go to Bit&Bot…
10. Bit & Bot though…

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