‘TVXQ’ Max Changmin (35) became a father. It has been about two years since he married a non-celebrity in September 2020.
Changmin’s wife gave birth to a son at a hospital in Seoul on the afternoon of the 17th. Both mother and baby are said to be in good health.
An acquaintance of the two said, “Max Changmin protected his wife from pregnancy to childbirth.” “He’s grateful that the baby was born healthy.”
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1. Changmin-ah congrats🎉🎉🎉 Our Bambi, please only be happy in the future
2. Wow I didn’t know you could be this quiet about marriage and childbirth, seriously congrats!!!!
3. I honestly congratulate you. Let’s work hard on promotions in the future!!!
4. ongrats!!! Max Changmin’s b-sides are so my type so I always listen to them ㅎ If you want to listen to Max Changmin’s high notes, I recommend ‘Chocolate’ 🍫
5. I didn’t even know she was pregnant… Congrats!!!
6. Congrats congrats. I loved him during my elementary school, time seriously flies
7. Congrats congrats, he’s the perfect type of idol
8. Wow I didn’t know you could be this quiet about marriage and childbirth????? He’s amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s living the good life
9. When did he even get married… Was it after he went on I Live Alone.. anyways, congrats
10. He’s been so quiet about it that I forgot about it