Last time, they blocked all the sales figures and this time, they’re acting like we can’t count the actual first week salesㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“The digital release date of JIN’s solo single ‘The Astronaut’ overseas and the release date of the physical album differ by more than a month, which is expected to have a negative impact on the first wee sales count and album performance. In order for the artist’s efforts and results to be properly evaluated, we strongly request that the digital album be released in ‘early November’ at the same time as the physical release.”
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1. [+125 ,-1]
Hybe is Bangtan’s rival
2. [+115, -1]
F*ck honestly the way they’re trying to lower their dependence to Bangtan is disgusting
3. [+96, -1]
It’s better to leave a company like that, I bet they’ll keep pulling stuff like that, I recommend leaving Hybe
4. [+74, -1]
No but why is the agency fighting with the artist like that… They’re doing so many acquisitions to lower their dependence to Bangtan just so they can ignore them in the end
5. [+66 ,-1]
Those f*cker are bullsh*tting again

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