Ever since debut, they sticked to the Kwangya concept and only released 4 songs: Black Mamba, Next Level, Savage and Girls

and when they released Girls, people were already saying how tired they were of the Kwangya concept already adn that they should challenge themselves with other things
Seriously I feel like people get tired too easily
There’s also the fact that they’re an acquired taste but also the general public swtich to the next thing so fast
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Isn’t this obvious? I’m even more surprised that people are still listening to them trying to catch and kill the Black Mamba for 2 years. For real, SM’s concepts, the way they run their business and the general public’s reactions, you’d know that they’re completely ignorant. They’re shoving Kwangya down our throat at this point and they don’t care about what the general public thinks
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I can agree. ITZY too, I remember people saying they were fed up after seeing the “I’m me” concept 3x in a row
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Aespa probably signed their contract for 7 years, but I’m not saying this with malicious intent but until when are we going to keep on with the Kwangya concept? They’ve been there for 2 years only but peolpe are already tired of them.. I bet the next song will be about them catching the Black Mamba and then they’ll do something else in the next next song
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Please stop with Kwangya
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If only they went with Illusion for their title..