Even when she’s wearing this kind fo clothes, her face is f*cking pretty so the outfit doesn’t look weird at all… ㄷㄷ Seriously, her face is carrying this
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How can she look pretty even in this Park Geunhye outfit?
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I don’t know why but I like this picture the most. She came out looking way better in the other pictures but she kinda has an aura here
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Kim Yoojung is the epitome of positive change. She’s been pretty ever since she was young until now
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This is a gif went viral on Twitter receently because her facial features are crazy…
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No but I’m not joking, isn’t Kim Yoojung the prettiest nowadays? I randomly saw her trailer for 20th Century Girl and found her f*cking pretty
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What’s impressive about Kim Yoojung is that she debuted in 2003 and nobody has ever gossiped about her visuals for 20 years because she grew up f*cking prettily

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If you looked at her full outfit, you’ll see how shockingly awful it was… You should only look at Kim Yoojung’s zoomed-in face shots