First half of video) Both of them were so shy and they were nervous so I was wondering what will happen
You could tell that Jin only fools around with Bangtan but gets shy when he’s not with them
And Youngji was shy because it was BTS
They kept sitting down and getting up
~after drinking~
Later half of the video) Suddenly, Jin’s tension rose and he became so talkative, his tongue got twisted and it felt like he was revealing all his flaws (t/n: it’s a joke)
I can understand why people say that he’s full of aegyo when he drinks
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1. [+325, -11]
I’m honestly another group’s fan but when Youngji said that she was going to the washroom and Jin said “it’s quite cute”, I don’t know how many times I played it f*ck it was heart fluttering f*ck……..
2. [+310, -10]
He’s seriously too cute….
3. [+286, -8]
When Kim Seokjin was sticking his signature at the back and said “Shall I stick mine too?” in his aegyo voice, I honestly almost died…
4. [+286, -8]
Seokjinie’s shy clips always make a buzzㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s toooooo cute
5. [+139, -2]
But am I the only one who is f*cking shocked that there’s a 10 years age gap between Jin and Youngji? I can’t believe that Jin is 30 with his face and physique…