I saw them radomly on Insta and usually, the idol-look and actor-look are different but seeing these two together, they don’t look that different. I knew that they were the same height too and they are different in different ways. You can’t really tell who’s the idol and who’s the actor here
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1. [+85, -3]
Mingyu looks more like an actor compared to other idols while Song Kang looks more like an idol compared to other actors
2. [+38, -1]
Mingyu is more of the actor-style than I thought
3. [+28, -1]
Mingyu seems like a f*cking hot guy. He’s freaking sexy
4. [+25, -30]
Even so, if you ultimately look at them, you’ll only see Song Kang since his face is so small
5. [+22, -51]
Song Kang’s face is small and he’s way handsomer…. as expected of actors…
6. [+11, -1]
Ah Mingyu is handsome..

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