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1. Her tattoos are not pretty
2. You keyboard murderers are back at it again!
3. I’m more shocked at the fact that her face isn’t the Nana I used to know than her tattoos
4. She was seriously so charming in Glitch. I wonder if the tattoos she had in Glitch were her real tattoos??
5. So many f*cking people nitpicking on others tattoos here
6. It’s honestly my first time seeing tattoos that look this bad
7. She was indeed prettier without tattoos
8. Wow I’m jealous at how acne-free her back is
9. I find her tattoos pretty though. The lines are thin. I think that she’s the idol with the prettiest tattoos so far
10. She looks like a Hollywood actress
11. I didn’t notice at first but her heels are interesting
12. She’s f*cking bold and cool
13. These look like doodles and are not pretty… she could’ve gotten prettier tattoos.. People wouldn’t be saying anything if her tattoos were pretty
14. They are pretty and they suit her

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