I knew that Sakura worked hard during her Izone promotions to get rid of it (she’s impressive for it too) but Kazuha seems to have never had it in the first place?!
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1. Kura still has that nasally voice though
> There are songs where you can’t hear it either but some where you can hear it too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. I feel like she has a bit of a nasally voice…! Of course, it’s not unpleasant nor severe
3. Maybe because she went to study abroad
> I thought that she didn’t study abroad for long
>> She recently was in the Netherlands and before that, she went to Russia and England for their ballet academy too so I think she stayed there pretty long
4. After listening to their most recent song, I could tell that she’s Hapanese
5. I think that compared to other Japanese people, her voice isn’t as severe
6. Because the tone in her voice is lower, you hear it less
7. I think that she does have a bit of a nasally voice though
8. The tone in her voice is low

9. It’s true that compared to the other Japanese members, you hear it lessㅇㅇ I think that even when she’s speaking in Japanese, you don’t really hear her nasal voice a lot
10. She almost doesn’t have it
> That’s right, her singing voice color is nice

11. Even when Zuha is talking, you barely hear it. I like her low voice so much