Coming some time later this winter, tvN’s ‘The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge’ takes after popular past programs like ‘The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge’ and ‘The Dictionary of Useless Crime Knowledge’. This time, the informative variety program will focus on humans as the main subject.

The program will be hosted by BTS’s RM and film director Jang Hang Joon. A panel of specialists in their field including novelist Kim Young Ha, physicist Kim Sang Wook, forensic scientist Lee Ho, and astronomer Shim Chae Kyung.

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1. He f*cking suits it. I’m tuning in
2. Crazyㅜ Namjoon-ah. I love it too much. I’ve been enjoying this program even in the past.. But now that Namjoonie is on it..
3. Daebak he’ll do so well
4. The lineup is daebak
5. He’s not going to the army?
> Stay quiet
> Nop, he’s a 94’er so he’ll go once it’s his time ^^
6. Wow I’ not even his fan but I’ve always thought that he’d suit MC a lot. And I did’t know he’d MC with Jang Hang Joon! I’ve watched the previous seasons and Kim Sangwook physicist was my favorite so seeing him again in the lineup make me go wow. Everyone there is so good
7. Hul!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Wow this is so good
9. Joon-ahㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I love it too muchㅠ Please come faster…
10. Wow this will be funㅋㅋ He totally suits it

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