During My Teen Girl, I had a lot of interest in her because she looked like Jung Chaeyeon + she was the epitome of innocent + she was a Ewha student who was good at studying. Even during the survival, her ranking has always been high but I searched her up again and saw that she debuted in a 24-member group Triple S?? And they are having a comeback soon?
But why do I feel like she changed compared to before?… the innocence that people liked has disappeared. Her old face was way prettier and it matched her image… maybe the company forced her? Or maybe her makeup style has changed?
During My Teen Girl
After her debut
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1. [+65, -1]
She wasn’t that pretty on My Teen Girl either. She knew what angle would make her pretty and she only looked pretty because she was on My Teen Gril, Her face wouldn’t really stand out among the current idols
2. [+43, 0]
To be honest, I was fascinated by people who found her pretty even before. Because of My Teen Girl’s filters and lighting, she had that unique innocence and looked pretty. But honestly, if she was next to celebrities, she would just look like a commoner.. Her face doesn’t have any uniqueness nor aura
3. [+42, -1]
They ruined her eyes that looked like gems before
4. [+37, 0]
They changed the inner corners and outline of her eyes. Her company really has no sense… they turned a pretty face into this..
5. [+31, 0]
Double eyelids
6. [+13, 0]
She should’ve stuck to Ewha

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