She’s A-tier when it comes to dancing, and her singing is good too, but I feel like she’s always so unlucky…. She’s been with JYP for such a long time and in the end, she wasn’t able to debut. She went with WM and appeared on Produce, suffered freaking much and was able to debut at the end. But they barely pushed her as the main dancer and after Izone disbanded, she went on SWF just to get a useless ‘improvement plot’ and got dragged severely because of the editing. She lost her mentality during the dance battles too. All the other embers are all promoting fine and redebuted, but she was the only one who had no news about her. Now that she debuted after all this time, her song was f*cking ambiguous. Her strength is in her dancing, but even her dancing couldn’t save her and she barely got any responses… Jo Yuri and Choi Yena got super good responses and I used to think that Kwon Eunbi didn’t get any responses, but it’s even worse for Jung Chaeyeon… I don’t know what will happen to her in her next promotion, but I hope she receives a good choreography and succeeds. I feel so bad for her…
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But honestly I feel like there’s no demand for her type of visuals.. I’m not discussing over whether someone needs to be pretty, but they have to at least have a trendy aura so that they respond to the demand. Just look at how JYP only debuted her dongsaeng and she had to leave the company in the end… She dances well, but idols visuals are important
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She would’ve been better just pursuing dance. She has no luck as a singer. She’s still young so she has enough time to continue as a dancer
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If only she debuted in a group, she could’ve at least leveraged on her relationship with the other members or took the ‘skillful’ member position, she would’ve been a popular 2nd bias, but now that she debuted solo, it’s all meaningless.. She’s not a ballad singer, if she’s a dance idol, the stage and the MV are important and she should be looking pretty in them, she should make people want to gather her photocards and make people go to her fansigns to look at her real life visuals, and eventually, people will buy more albums and she can fill concert halls. I don’t know what the company thought when they debuted her solo
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Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon really look alike, but the difference is that Chaeryeong’s personality has demand in the idol world, you can see how successful she is when she goes on variety shows
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I think that she’s actually lucky for still being able to promote in the idol industry