The song is good and the stage was seriously cool and you could see that they enjoyed being on stage
The fireworks on stage were seriously cool
It was also cool how he introduced Jin and how the screams went crazy
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Did Martin give birth to Seokjinie by any chance?ㅠNo but why am I crying seeing him hug him after Jin ran to him?ㅠㅠ Coldplay’s concerts are no joke already so they’re adding Kim Seokjin to this? It must’ve been crazy ㅠㅠ
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Bangtan are seriously a living legend
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I liked the part where he ran to Martin hyung and hugged him so much
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Chris Martin said this on radio when talking about his collab : Now it feels like the most natural collaboration in the world. I can’t imagine the time we didn’t have a song with BTS or we didn’t love them you know.
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The MV was so good but the performance was even better!!!!!!!!