[teens stories] BUT KIM CHAEWON

Her current face is still present in her childhood pictures
It’s not easy to be this pretty when she was a baby but I become fascinated when I look at Kim Chaewon’s baby pictures some times…
Especially in the first picture, I was shocked when I saw it today
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When I saw Kim Chaewon for the first time, I thought that it was way too obvious that she got her eyes done but her eyes looked the same as when she was youngㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her double eyelid line is just that thick
2. [+42, -4]
Huh? No but I’m really not a troll but I really was certain that Kim Chaewon did her eyes but she already looked like that as a kid…? What the? So she didn’t get double eyelids surgery??? Personally, I find Kim Chaewon f*cking pretty but I thought that it was too obvious that she got her eyes done? But her eyes are natural??? I’m really asking because I’m curious. Kim Chaewon is indeed f*cking pretty ㅜㅜ But this is just a bit shocking
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I’m so jealous at how feminine her upper body looksㅠ Her face is also f*cking pretty and cute
4. [+14, -3]
Her head is also super tiny and she’s seriously pretty. A power celebrity
5. [+6, 0]
She was seriously skinny

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I hope Kim Chaewon can promote without her bangs

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