Why would you bring your girlfriend to your concert… How many fans must’ve seen you guys….

The girlfriend is also showing it off on her blog lately. Is it the trend to show off you’re dating a male idol nowadays…?
“That’s why you should be careful ㅠㅠ”
“Are they cicada magnets?”
“Are there any idol who are enjoying the fact that they know the fans are aware they’re dating? Why would the girlfriend wear the ring that is supposed to be a family thing? Or are they already family?”
“Who can this be. If you search on Naver for that flower shop, you’ll find it right away. There’s pictures of the businesㅋ”
“What is the reason for the answer being ‘Cotton candy’ 2 years in a row for their Valentine event? Turns out, the girlfriend is Cotton candy”
ATEEZ tweet: Valentine’s day surprise hint:
Yunho: I’ll give a hint for the song! Hoho if you blow on it, you will create a hole in the XXX
“There’s still a big one left Yunho-yah… Why are you not making it obvious today..^^ People are still keeping quiet over what was taken last October^^”
“The girlfdriend is deleting everything in real time but what can she change? Anyways, we all know already”
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Wow but why do I feel like idols will die from a fatal disease if they weren’t able to make it obvious with their relationship? The way they’re making it so obvious and are using the fans is just a turn off..
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I just saw it and he’s so obviousㅋㅋㅋ Honestly it’s not the first or second time that he’s made it obivous
3. [+14, -1]
I’m more jealous over the fact that even if they get caught dating, their fans overseas won’t care at all
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Don’t think that you’ve been caught because you’ve made it obvious for a day or two… Your groupies have seen you make it obvious around 3500 times”

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ATEEZ? I only know Kang Yeosang

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